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Behind the Brand – Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Like a Boss

Just Like A Boss

Sometimes you just feel like a BOSS! The most incredible part of being an entrepreneur is being you own boss. Which means taking responsibility for every decision and action. I have been an entrepreneur more times than I have worked for other businesses. When I have worked for other businesses I always felt like I was shorting myself working to make their dream happen. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and it is a lot of work, long hours, worry but then there is the Joy and the incredible people you work with.

I have heard so many times, it must be great to work for yourself! Well YES it is! But it’s not like I just call someone and say hey get this done or call this person; well it can be but only if I look in the mirror while I’m doing it, since I am the first and last stop! Being a realtor is really me all wrapped up in a bow; I love to work with people, I love art and design and I LOVE HGTV… so it was just meant to be!

The people you choose to be with and work with is a reflection of who you are. Thank you to all those other BOSS’s out-there who have shaped me and continue to push me everyday to GET IT DONE!

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Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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