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Fernandina Beach Local Trivia Hotspots


Trivia – one of the fastest growing activities around! Did you know that word Trivia actually means facts of little value, now some of us would beg to differ – as these little memory nuggets can be total gold mines in a round of Trivia. I personally hold some of the most useless facts in the world that allow me to offer strange facts to any conversation, needless to say if you need someone who knows 80’s music then I’m your girl! I’ve have experienced some fierce competition that always ends with sigh’s and I should have known that – but no matter if you got every question or just a few it is always a good time. Fernandina Beach is all about some Trivia with several local hotspots hosting Trivia nights weekly.

Here are some of Fernandina Beach’s local Trivia Hotspots

The Sandbar
Amelia Island Coffee
The Surf
Dicks Wings
Coastal Pizza
Gators Dockside
Trivia 30 – Online

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Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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