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Family – is there any place happier?

Top Golf (2)

Never a happier momma than when I have all my boys together – what a Motley crew, but those smiles are the money!  Now that my boys are all grown up we have started some new family traditions that we can do together when I have them all in the same place at the same time. Our new favorite spot is actually in our sister county; Jacksonville is just a short drive a way and well worth it.  Top Golf has become our family outing spot.  Always a good time where everyone can participate, we leave with a lot of laughs (mostly at my expense).  Honestly Put Put is my Jam but the mom bloopers keep my kids entertained for months, lots of shanked balls and my famous swing and miss.  No matter it’s all about being together!  If you haven’t been it’s really a lot of fun and great for all ages and abilities. 

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Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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