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Business of the Week – Eat The Frog Fitness

Eat The Frog

We have a new exciting business – Eat The Frog Fitness! I’ve never been a go to the gym girl but I was really surprised by how this felt. Gym’s can be intimidating for so many reasons but Eat The Frog Fitness has found a way to make it feel comfortable. The interior is designed to keep you focused on the work at hand vs. feeling like your being judged by the “pro’s” around you.

They offer fitness sessions for both beginners and advanced “Froggers” with the studio being open 24 / 7 you can customize the time and routine that fits your fitness needs. Manager Dominique walked me through some of the equipment and workout’s – their concepts are different and you immediatly feel at ease and ready to take on that new fitness routine.

With both live and virtual classes you can hit the gym at times that work for you! The cutting edge technology they have incorporated into the facility is what makes this gym so different. Two IMAX experience screens and heart monitors called “frog pods” keep you on track while monitoring your physical milestones. The equipment is low impact and you will have a fitness assessment every 8 weeks to gage your results.

Another great thing they offer is the ability to modify every fitness plan to your specific needs to include those who have injuries that would otherwise be limiting for them. The trainers are there to support and guide you through the process. The support of the team will insure your success and that is what this is all about – the team effort to get you to your personal goals.

With monthly community focused events – this is a business that you want to be apart of! One that really caught my attention was their continuous support of our local teachers, Police, Fire and EMTS – with their discount HERO rate!

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

"I’m Carrie Ann Kilpatrick, lifestyle blogger and Realtor® at Florida Homes Realty Northern Florida. I live and work in Fernandina Beach and love everything this beautiful area has to offer. If you live in the Northern Florida area or are thinking about moving here, you have come to the right place! Stay up to date with Things To Do, Restaurants, Outdoors, Real Estate and more!"
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