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Amelia Island Adventures – Local Business of the Week

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If you’re like me, you are thrilled that it’s almost officially summer! Yay! I’ve definitely been getting out and about more, and I recently talked to Amelia Island Adventures and I got all the up and coming adventures coming our way! Wow! They have some of the BEST adventures on water and land!

Founded in 2014  but it began with a personal love of kayaking and from there the business was born. With multiple adventures to choose from this is a family fun day that is suitable for all ages and experience.  Some of the most popular are the ECO EASY Kayak Tour  and the Big Cypress Kayak Tour, both are launched from Lofton Creek in Yulee.

Amelia Island Adventures has several new and exciting things happening in 2021!  How about a exclusive Adventure App Tour, which allows the guests to do a real self guided tour with information about the waterways, plants and wildlife that live on this river.

The diversity of adventures they offer goes way beyond kayaking, you can do walking ghost tours, shark tooth scavenger hunt, horseback riding… pretty much if you can think of they can do it. One of the newest adventures is Paddle & a Pint – with this they have partnered up with SJ Brewing to create this fun kayak tour. Even better is that during the month of May all donations go to K9 for warriors.

I love kayaking with my family – anytime I get all of my boys together this is a must do for us. We have some great spots around Northeast Florida and all of them will have a different experience. What better idea than fun + family/friends + exercise = great way to spend the day! Amelia Island Adventures has you covered from water to land – Let the Adventures begin!

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