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Business of the Week – Ocean Club Nails

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Ocean Club Nails

Should you go visit Ocean Club Nails? Screaming YES!! What a great spot! I really like the relaxed chill style of the interior – having my nails done is one of those just ME moments that I look forward to every month.

With our busy lives, running here and there, trying to fit a million things into a day – this is the one place that you can spend that 1 hour on yourself.  Taking care of yourself especially now is so important and even though it may feel indulgent it’s now.  Self – Care is often the best gift you can give to others.

I find it also a great way to express yourself with color without going over the top – just a little pop of color can change the whole mood or accessorize in just the perfect way! This place is definitely a game-changer for me.

Picture of Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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