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Behind the Brand – Authentic Self

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Being authentic means being venerable and having the willingness to put yourself out there.  Pretty easy concept except it is SO hard. 
I have always been slightly off center but spent a lot of years trying to conform to others version of what I should be.  I can tell you from experience if you can’t be you – you can’t be your best self. 
So here it goes; I love to sing loud in the car, I have full on conversations with my dogs and myself.  When I have the time I paint – painting gives me an outlet to put emotions on the canvass and out of my head or heart.  I love 80’s music and have a lot of useless trivia in my head.  I would rather dance than walk, I love the sun and water.  I’m horribly shy and have full on panic attacks if you call on me to speak in front of more than 5 people.  I’m obsessed with converse and heels – yes I may be confused there. I color coordinate my closet.  I have to have my chocolate Nesquick, my special glass and spoon every morning – yes I have a special glass and spoon, who doesn’t?  

What I have found out is that all these little things make me unique and I finally appreciate all of it!!  I am being my Authentic Self – let the adventures begin!

Picture of Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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