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This week I got a real treat in Lauren Johnson and Usborne Books & More!

Recognized by the Educational Development Corporation, Usborne Books has been operating for more than 30 years! With books that Cater to young children and adolescents, offering a wide range of material and authors to keep young minds engaged.

Lauren has had a lifelong love of books that began as a child and has remained an avid reader. With three children she wanted to find a way to engage her them in reading both with her and independently. Lauren was introduced to Usborne books at a Facebook party while searching for books her child would enjoy and in her words she hit the jackpot! She not only shared these books with her family but she wanted to share them with her community. In 2016 she began her partnership with Usborne books integrating her life long love of books into our local community.

She holds certifications to work with local schools and libraries and has brought these books into our local homes . Book fairs, pledged reading drives are just a few of the ways she brings her passion for reading to families. Usborne books are catered specifically to anyone who has a child in their life allowing the entire extended family to participate. The books are educational, engaging and keeps the reader looking forward to the next book.

Fundraising is just one more way she uses books to enrich our community, it has allowed her to be creative while bringing us together for a single cause. Foar From Home is her current fundraiser with a goal of donating $1,000 to this charity. She is offering boxes of greeting cards with 5 box options. Every box sold Foar From Home receives $13 to go towards a row across the Atlantic creating awareness of combat Veteran suicide.

You can learn more about Usborne Books at

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