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Summer Refresher – Infused Water

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s water-guzzling season.  But don’t just settle for any ol’ plain water. Instead, make some infused H20 for a refreshing twist! The best part? It’s incredibly easy!

Simply fill a pitcher or your thermos with cold water and ice. Then add your favorite crisp fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Some fantastic additions are strawberries, orange wedges, raspberries, lemons, cucumbers, and mint.

That’s all there is to it! Now you have a fun and fresh drink you can sip on, making standing under the blazing sun more bearable. 

One of my absolute favorites is a lemon & cucumber or a lemon & mint…. it’s so refreshing on a hot day!


Picture of Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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