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Riverside Jacksonville Neighborhood – The Ultimate Guide 2023

Riverside Jacksonville

Riverside Jacksonville Neighborhood Guide

Riverside – Avondale is one of Jacksonville’s oldest neighborhoods and arguably also one of the most eclectic. Historic Victorian homes sit along Live Oak tree lined streets and offer up a unique mix of amazing restaurants, live music and museums.

Voted one of the country’s top 10 great neighborhoods to live in.  It’s not a huge area but it packs a punch with all it has to offer. 

This area is a blend of ages and does have a hip feel to it.  Walkability is what makes this a favorite for so many, the 5 points area is complete with a movie theater, restaurants, local boutiques and my favorite Dog Shop – Bark on Park!

The Riverside Avondale area is a blend of historic homes, mixed home apartments, new construction apartments and developments.

Living in Riverside

Riverside Jacksonville FL Weather

Northeast Florida is known for it’s mild and consistent temperatures.  With Summer highs in the 90’s and Winter temps are mostly in the 60’s on average.  Riverside does sit on the St. Johns River so it can be a bit cooler with the wind.

Riverside Population

The current population sits at 19,126

Why Living in Riverside Avondale is Great

Riverside Jacksonville Restaurants

Riverside Restaurants

Avondale Restaurants

Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Brewers

Riverside Bars

Restaurant Guide

Where is Riverside Jacksonville

Riverside History

The Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods are two of Jacksonville’s premier historic districts, featuring over 2,000 historically-significant structures within their combined space, which stretches roughly from Roosevelt Boulevard to I-10.

The neighborhoods’ origins can be traced back to the 1800s, when the vast majority of their land was used for agricultural purposes. Following the Civil War, much of that land was gradually sold off for residential development.

Houses first started popping up in the 1870s in Riverside. Streets were laid out, several of which were named for previous landowners such as Francis Richard and John Forbes. But development didn’t truly take off until the area was annexed by the city of Jacksonville in the 1880s – which also brought about the expansion of the city’s streetcar line into Riverside.

Over in what would later become Avondale, a group of investors formed the Edgewood Company and attempted to develop the area with plans of creating an independent town named Edgewood. Several houses and commercial buildings were built in the late 1800s as part of this development, but the company’s grand plans ultimately fell apart with few of the Edgewood-era structures still remaining today.

Meanwhile, in Riverside, development was booming. By 1895, the neighborhood had over 2,000 residents and its first park, Riverside Park, was developed on land once owned by Forbes.

The turn of the century brought about even more progress in Riverside, with development concentrated along streetcar lines and the St. Johns River. Large estates were constructed along the river for the Cummer family, which would later become home to the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

Riverside Recreation

Parks in Riverside

Riverside Avondale News & Events

Is Riverside Jacksonville gated

No Riverside is not a gated community

Riverside Avondale Schools

More Northeast Florida Things To Do

Riverside Avondale Homes For Sale

Riverside Avondale Homes For Sale

Northeast Florida Homes for Sale

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