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Get Smart with Home Renovations: 4 Ways to


Get Smart with Home Renovations: 4 Ways to Prepare

Home improvements can make a house feel brand-new, whether you’re updating one room or the entire property. Every element makes a difference, from small changes like replacing flooring to broader upgrades like room additions. Though renovating can be exciting, there are many things to prepare for and think about before you begin. Northeast Florida Luxury Living offers these suggestions for smarter home renovations.

Make Room for Renovations

Remodeling your home often requires moving or covering furniture, so clearing the space beforehand makes things much easier. Clearing rooms also makes sense if your renovation plan includes new flooring or HVAC upgrades. Though experts at Direct Energy suggest replacing old ductwork can enhance HVAC efficiency, it can get messy.  You might find that putting belongings — especially valuable items — in storage is the best way to protect them. Storage units near Fernandina Beach are typically affordable, starting at $36 for a small unit and $173 for a large one. Plus, many storage centers provide discounts to new customers.

Prep Your Paperwork

Though renovating your home is rewarding, it can also be time-consuming. One way to avoid delays and keep things progressing is with the proper paperwork. Many renovations do not require permits, but it’s best to consult your local building department before planning your home improvements.

Also, consider whether your planned improvements could have tax implications. Some renovations might be tax deductible, per TurboTax. Consult your tax professional to learn how property updates could impact your tax bill.  One possible tax break involves energy efficiency measures; consider ways you can save
energy while planning renovations.

Design a Flexible Home Office Space

A home office is ideal for separating home life from work, but it can also double as a guest space. Combining comfort and function can be challenging, so keep feng shui in mind for maintaining a cozy ambiance.  For example, a sleeper sofa gives office seating options but easily  folds out for guest use.

Storage ottomans serve dual functions and can conceal bedding, while a cabinet addition looks stately but offers space to store essentials. Even a full-length mirror adds ambiance in an office while providing utility in a guest room.

Consider a Home Warranty

Post-renovation, it’s time to enjoy a functional new space. Though things are fresh and new now, think about whether fixes might be necessary in the future.

The United States Public Interest Research Group notes that Americans could save a collective $40B per year by repairing home electronics versus buying new ones. And investing in a home warranty gives you peace of mind and cost savings.

Warranties can cover various systems like heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Most home warranty options assist with appliance repairs, saving you money on replacement costs.  Before selecting an option for your home, see what others have said in their reviews. Factor in
your budget as well to get the most value for your money.

Home renovations require significant planning and can be costly. Keeping your budget in mind is crucial, but pre-planning and home warranty protection after can help alleviate common home improvement headaches. Whether you’re transforming a home office or simply replacing flooring or updating lighting, it pays to think ahead. When the project is complete, all that’s left is to enjoy your space.

article written by Joyce Wilson


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