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Shut The Front Door


I just love color on a front door! It’s fun and makes you want to know the person behind the door. I often drive through neighborhoods and one of the first things I take notice of it the front door.

I have painted my front door many colors, red, yellow, and even soft green. Did you know there is a science to why you choose certain colors and certain times. It’s facisinating to learn about the meaning of colors. I thought it would be fun to go through the science behind color!

Many cultures have colors that have very specific reasons. More often than not color is a reflection of our personality it’s a fun way to say here I am!

Black, Gray, White – these are some of the most common but they do have meaning. White is classic and crisp, Gray is sophisticated and moody while Black sets a modern tone.

Orange – this is one of the happiest colors. Orange also is associated with warmth, flamboyancy, and good old fashion fun.

Blue – understandably one of the most popular colors. Blue is a color that reflects a strong imagination, inspiration and dreams but is also a color of relaxation and calm.

Yellow – screams I’m a happy person. Yellow also symbolizes creativity, clarity, wisdom and a positive future.

Green – show me the money!! Green actually elicits a feeling of peace, rebirth, abundance and nature.

Painting your front door is a easy and quick change to your homes appearance. Now that you know the why what are you going to choose?

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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