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Fernandina Beach Top Fall Design Trends 2021

Fernandina Beach Fall 2021 Design Trends

The new fall design trends for 2021 are a direct result from the new work from home reality. The fall trends will bring us cozy soft fabrics in warm neutral tones and separated spaces. Mixing neutral tones with beautiful fall colors like burnt orange or a mustard yellow will be everywhere. With our new normal work lives you will see the need for simplicity with functionality so spaces can be distinct and multipurposed.

Here are the top trends to look for this Fall:

Cozy Fabrics and Natural Tones will be in this Fall

People want a more relaxed feel to their lives and these tones and fabrics say COZY all day long! Cuddling up to a soft blanket or a quiet nook with natural tones sets the stage for pure relaxation.

These natural earthy tones also lend themselves to quick design changes by bringing in a pop of color in pillows or statement furniture piece. I for one love seeing this trend come back into fashion. Neutral tones don’t have to be boring, layering tone on tone will give you so much depth to any space you have.

With our warm temperatures in Fernandina Beach heavy blankets are not a go to but using a lighter weight natural knit material can still give you a cozy feeling without being to hot.

Room Dividers and Partitions may be here to Stay

Working from home gave many families pause with the open concept living we have all loved for years now. Although this design was great for entertaining and open sight lines it was not great for trying to find that quiet space to work.

Separate rooms don’t have to mean solid walls – adding something as simple as large piece of furniture to give definition of space will work. Others may decide that pocket doors are a solution as they can be closed for privacy or left open to keep the open concept feel.

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Kitchens – Dark & Moody are in

The day’s of the white sterile kitchens are over and dark, moody colors are creeping in. Moody doesn’t mean cave like, mixing light, naturals and dark moody colors blend perfectly and create a enticing gathering space.

Mixing hardware and stand alone fixtures also bring in the feeling of cozy and put together. Choosing natural tones for fixtures in cooper or black iron will anchor the space and gives room for the darker tones.

Local Fernandina Beach builders have jumped onto this new trend, mixing painted cabinetry with darker quartz for a real wow factor. Lighter floors keep these colors from weighing down and keeping it bright.

The feeling is cottage meets French country side – sounds whimsical but it makes so much more sense with kitchens continuing to be the central hub oaf a home! This is one of the trends I am most excited about.

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Layering Bedrooms

Bedrooms are always supposed to feel inviting, warm and cozy. This Fall we are taking that up a notch with natural fabrics and tones. That tone on tone trend is finding it’s way into just about every space in a home.

Fernandina Beach home designs have high ceilings and larger master bedrooms, this new trend fits perfectly into these types of homes.

Bedding is just one area you can use to created this welcoming space, try layering curtain’s with shades or using several smaller rugs.

This trend isn’t just in neutrals you can use the dark moody colors just as easily.

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Outdoor is the New Indoor

The last year and half has made this even more important, with homes becoming offices and school classrooms having the ability to use the outdoor spaces became a necessity not a luxury.

Fernandina Beach enjoys warm temperatures for most of the year allowing us to really utilize our outdoor spaces to their fullest. The new trend goes into this a little more with more blending of the two spaces.

Outdoor to Indoors doesn’t have to mean patio furniture inside or creating a greenhouse in your breakfast room. You can create this by using natural fibers like rattan and bamboo. Adding wood elements also creates an outdoor feel that is relaxing. The ability to just be and feel one with nature has and will be more than a trend.

The Fall of 2021 is going to create warm moody spaces that are being designated and separated by not walls but furniture. Bringing in natural neutral materials with wood, fabric and texture are going to feel cozy and warm. Home has become a workspace, classrooms and family spaces these trends for the fall will feel like a warm hug.

I love all these new trends and will be using many in our new home build! Which ones will you incorporate?

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Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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