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Fernandina Beach Restaurants: The Hidden Gems

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Fernandina Beach Restaurants – Just Around The Corner – Hidden Gems

One of my favorite things is walking down a street in Fernandina Beach and finding a hidden gem that I didn’t know what there – always such a wonderful surprise.  Even though our little island isn’t huge we still have some great surprises that you may not have tried or maybe you didn’t know that they were there. 

Fernandina Beach restaurants have a lot of choices and variety. The restaurants on Center Street and all of those wonderful hidden gems that run along the side streets are unique to our island, it’s in those places where you find those quaint, private treasures.  Yes I have a few favorites because I’m a sucker for patio dining – great news most of these offer seating outside! I’ve included those linked below.

Those just around the corner finds in Fernandina Beach are not just limited to restaurants! There are surprises everywhere with our little shops, art galleries and historical house gazing. We will save those gems for another post.

Just when I think I have tried every restaurant on the island, someone will say have you been here and I’m like what?? How did I miss this one!  So I figured if it has happened to me then it’s probably happened to someone else.


Here is a list of some of Fernandina Beach’s Restaurant! Our hidden gems that are tucked in or hidden on a little side street!

I can tell you there are a lot more but these were some I thought might not be as visible and known… happy hunting for the local Hidden Gems!


Fernandina Beach Restaurants – Oceanside

There are some great beach side restaurants worth mentioning as well – these are a little more in plain view but they all deserve a nod:

Find more great information about local Fernandina Beach Restaurants Here!

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