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I’m a “Yogi” – so I love what it does for my mind and body.  I was introduced to Yoga about 8 years ago and I fell in love with the practice and the community. Yoga is a personal thing – it’s about the ride not the destination.  There is a right way to do each pose but there is no timeline for you to be proficient.  Sometimes I nail it and sometimes my body just isn’t going to do it.  Bottom line is that it’s never to late to start, after all we all have to start at the beginning.  I hope you will find your yoga community and give it a try!

We have some great options in Northeast Florida, so if your ready to give it a try or if your a long time Yogi then these studios may be the right community for you!

Fernandina Beach
• Centered on Yoga
• Yoga Den Crossroads
• Community Yoga
• Kellie Boston – Rocking This Life Yoga

• MBody Yoga
• Yoga mix
 Black Cat Yoga

We have a lot of options in our local area, no matter what type of yoga you are interested in you have options!

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