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Fernandina Beach Business of the week: Lash Roots

Fernandina Beach Business of the Week Lash Roots

Fernandina’s Beach Business of the week Lash Roots the Magnetic Magic

Magnetic Lashes hit the scene a few years ago and have gained popularity because they are just easier to use. I for one love the look of long lashes, I’m lucky to have fairly long lashes naturally but like everyone else I just wanted them to be longer. Enter Lash Roots who is our local business of the week. I’m not great with eye makeup in general so I didn’t have high hopes for myself but just loved how these looked on everyone else.

This week I interviewed our business of the week, Lash Roots with Christie Frahm our local go to gal for magnetic lashes. Wow is she fun – hard not to soak up her positive energy. She is passionate about her business and how it makes others feel about themselves – it’s a transformation you just have to see. As we talked it was very clear that this is more than a business for her, it’s an opportunity to help other women feel beautiful.

These lashes don’t have an age limit and have unlimited options so if you want a modest look she’s got you. If your after a dramatic effect she has you covered and if you are looking for some lash bling, well she has that to! One of the most interesting parts of our conversation was her “why” for Christie it’s about empowering other women and that can come from what people see on the outside but it also comes from what others project from the inside.

The lashes are beautiful, no glue (YAYEE) and are easier to use and last a lot longer – truth I haven’t mastered this quite yet but I just love them so try try again.

Lash Roots is sponsoring a portion of their proceeds to The National Breast Cancer Foundation to bring awareness across the US for the month of October with their Party in PINK promotion. This is the perfect time to get your glam on while contributing to a feel good cause.

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