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FB Skin & Wellness – Community Conversations 2023

FB Skin & Wellness

FB Skin & Wellness - The Perfect Downtown Day Spa

I love to feature local businesses and this week I had the pleasure of meeting with Franziska Bernhard or “Z” with FB Skin & Wellness.

It probably won’t surprise you the Fanziska is not originally from Amelia Island!  Switzerland is where Franziska calls home and it is where she began her career.  Early on she understood the balance of life and body.  

Franziska mastered the art of mind and body over the last 12 years and how they work together to create the whole person.  Her approach to each client is with the goal of them leaving a better version of themselves. 

Using multiple techniques she finds the right combination to give her clients the best experience possible.   One of her business models is to take on less clients each day which allows her to give so much more to each person.

Her services don’t stop at facials, you will also get her mastery of the holistic approach to creating a space for relaxation, healing and inner peace. 

Her cozy space immediately makes you feel like your getting a warm hug.  The room has a magical feel with the sounds, lights and of course Franziska!

Getting to know Franziska and FB Skin & Wellness

The business is just one side to Franziska.  Getting to know the person behind the brand is often the best part of these interviews. 

Fraziska grew up in Switzerland and had dreams of being a dancer.  She started her adult career as a elementary school teacher.  She received a 1 year scholarship to come to the states to dance.   She was fortunate to turn that dream into a reality when she joined a contemporary dance group in NYC.   

Fraziska met her now husband and it was a life match. They settled in New York and began carriers and growing their family with a daughter who is responsible for bringing FB Skin & Wellness to Fernandina Beach.   Her daughter is a wildlife biologist and landing here in Fernandina Beach.. which brought her parents in to visit and as most people do they fell in love with the island. 

Some surprising or not so surprising facts she shared were she is an expert at milking a cow (actually not an easy thing to do) she is also entuned to all the subtle nudges we all get from the world around us.  I believe this is what makes her special and gives her the ability to renourish more than just skin with her clients. 

Franziska clearly loves what she does – her personality shines through to every person she touches. 

FB Skin & Wellness is located at:

308 1/2 Center St, Fernandina Beach FL



Get To Know FB Skin & Wellness Here

FB Skin & Wellness

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