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Easter Egg Dying – the new generation

Easter Eggs

As a kid we did this every year, heck it’s a childhood staple to dye eggs. We loved it so much because it was fun, colorful, and we had the ok to make a mess!

The traditional method of dying eggs is mixing half a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon vinegar and food coloring – about 10 to 20 drops, depending on the shade you want – and then repeating the process for each color you plan to use. Then it’s just a matter of dipping hard-boiled eggs in the dye mixture for about five minutes and using a slotted spoon to remove the eggs from the dye and letting them dry.

But as with everything there are new and improved methods of dying eggs – and these are actually easier and many offer a learning opportunity for the kiddos. Here are just a few new ways of dying those Easter eggs:

Baking soda, powdered paint, and vinegar

This is a great method for kids because of the chemistry that goes along with it. Mix the baking soda and powdered tempura (which can be found at any craft stores ) in a large dish. Remember that volcano science project? Just add the egg, and then pour the vinegar on top of it. Mix and watch the magic!

Easy painting

This is an awesome method for the little ones who just don’t have as much control just yet. Use an eye dropper and various paints mixed with water to drop onto the eggs. As a bonus, this also keeps hands clean and is great for fine motor development.

Shaving cream method

This is hands down one of my favorites! Spray shaving cream on a plate or pan and then drop food coloring of various colors all over the cream. From there, just roll the eggs in the colored shaving cream. This gives a marbled effect to your design. Unique and simple – that is the best kind!

Crayon method

This one has been around awhile but it still creates magic on those eggs. Color the egg first with a white crayon, adding a creative design of your choice. Then dye the egg, as per the usual method. The wax from the crayon will stop the dye from staining the egg in those parts. 

To add just a little whimsy to those freshly died eggs – take small wire (found at any craft store ) make loops for bunny ears by twisting the wire in two spots, then loop the wire around the top of the egg and twist to secure.  Draw little bunny faces on the eggs with a permanent black marker and you have just become a creative mastermind!

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