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Fernandina Beach Business Spotlight: Faith B. Elliott

Faith Elliot

I had the pleasure of having coffee with Faith B. Elliott a few weeks back, I wanted to share her story, art and contribution to our community with you.

Lets start at the beginning – Faith is from San Diego CA and started calling Fernandina Beach her home in 2017.  Art has been a lifelong passion and she graduated with a interior design degree.  Art and Design are natural for Faith.  She is a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 6 to say the least she is a busy lady.

She works with several different types of creative elements to include sand art, sewing, crocheting, and of course what our article is about her beautiful water color pieces.  From bright and vibrant to pastels her creations include island specific to animal to nature scenes. Each is uniquely Faith.  I was partial to the animal’s and in fact took that bee butt home with me!

She loves encouraging and teaching others and has taught classes with Council on Aging, her favorite part about teaching is watching others find their own style and technique.  There really isn’t just one way to approach art, that’s what makes every piece special. 

There are several places to see her art and meet Faith – She has a spot at Blue Door Artists on Center street, she is at the Fernandina Beach arts market every other Saturday, Wildlight Market every other Saturday and Antiques and More Treasures.  Her art is beautiful but when you mix Faith into the experience it is magical.

Fun Fact:  Faith has a bus named Sunshine that has been converted to something like a tiny-house.  The bus is a rolling piece of art with brightly colored flowers and nature (another local artist was the artistic hand for the bus), it’s another Faith one of a kind.  Keep your eyes out for her, it will bring some Sunshine into your day!

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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