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Local Business of the Week BizBolster Web Solutions

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This week I got to spend some time with Lori Osborne with BizBolster Web Solutions – what a fun interview. Web-design, SEO – these are foreign languages to me. I often talk to my computer, what do I say most often “I just want you to do what I want you to do when I want you to do it” sadly I haven’t found much success in this.
BizBolster is the solution – with 20 years of technology experience, she has the skill and creativity to create a website that reflects your business. Any business is a unique platform that not only says what you do but expresses who you are.

When Lori began BizBolster she knew that webdesign was her calling. She was able to put together her organizational, business, technology and creative skills to create magic for her clients. With 5 years as a business owner in Nassau County she has worked with countless local business. She provides digital marketing solutions to small businesses and non-profits with websites, SEO, sales funnels, landing pages, and a reputation management system (Bolster Reviews). She helps clients figure out what they need then implements it for them! 

What makes BizBolster a local resource for any business? There are many reasons but what stood out to me is that she is a knowledgeable, affordable, and resource for for our local businesses and non-profit organizations. By working with each business owner or team to build exceptional websites she is able to create current and professional websites that represent their brand.

Being a entrepreneur has given her the opportunity to get involved with our community in a very personal way. One of her first projects here was taking the Nassau County Democrats off of WordPress and onto Squarespace. She recreated the same experience for Fernandina Beach Main Street by building a new website that keeps our community updated with new events, merchandise, and needed communications.

For Lori, being a community leader means donating some of her time to local non-profits, including Fernandina Beach Main Street, Fernandina Beach Pride and Foar From Home. Another project she was very passionate about was working with a local team of business owners in our community to build a website to address the stigma of opioid addiction. This will be an amazing resource for Nassau County, this site will go live in July!

If you are looking for a fresh look or need management of your business reviews – or just about anything else that involves marketing solutions then you need to work with Lori at BizBolster Web Solutions!

During our interview Lori offered an amazing opportunity for our community. A personal one hour review of your SEO and a full analysis of your website, normally $197.00 she is offering $50 off when you use code BIZ06. AMAZING!!

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BizBolster Special Offer – make sure you use code BIZ06!

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