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Behind the Brand – Just Me

Behind The Brand

Everyone knows your professional face – the face that your colleagues and clients see.. in Behind the Brand I wanted to share who I am on my down-time, when I’m with friends and family.

Let’s start from the beginning, well not the very beginning! I grew up in Central Texas most of my early years ( did a few years in San Diego ) While in Texas we lived with my Great Grandmother on a small farm in Waco, Texas. This is where I learned work ethic, honesty and keeping your word. It wasn’t always easy tending to a real farm, not a designer farm. We had horses, cows, chickens, goats, geese and rabbits. There were two gardens and that is where most of our vegetables and fruit came from – we of course also filled a freezer full of beef and poultry every year. Some of the lessons I learned there have stayed with me and I’m better for it.

Once out of school – I set out to find ME (not sure where I was going) but I was going. During this time I learned even more about myself, what I thought character meant and who are real friends. I hadn’t been out on my own long before I became a mother, that was most definitely the hardest job I ever had but the most rewarding as well. I had all three of my sons in short order – we sorda grew up together and we have so many great memories and stories. One advantage to being younger when you become a parent is you can keep up with them!

I have always been an artist from dance to music to painting – this was always my passion ( it also allows me to get away with being just a tad off center) I will share more about that love in a later post.

I’ve lived in several states, Texas and South Carolina being the longest. I moved to Florida 8 years ago and it has just felt like home. Amelia Island has become my landing place and I love everything about this island, it is truly a special place.

I can’t wait to share more about me, my adventures, my thoughts and let’s not forget my girls Grace Olivia and Indigo Rose – they are the product of being an empty nester in your 40’s. They steal the show most of the time, but I’m ok with that – those girls have become my partners in crime!

See Y’all Soon!


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Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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