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Behind the Brand With Carrie Ann Kilpatrick – Love Like Crazy


I cannot believe that this month is already halfway over! It’s true what they say, time fly’s when you’re having fun! This week I have met several new local business owners, closed a home purchase on an out of state family and laughed at myself several times. And I’m so excited to end my week on a good note! Life can be way to serious, it is always good to laugh at yourself, giggle just because, laugh out loud and love like crazy! I plan to celebrate by taking a short trip to Dunedin Florida to get some inspiration and renewal. I love little get away to new places, discovering new restaurants, nature, art and of course people – all of which fill my cup. The only regret is leaving my sweet Grace Olivia and Indigo Rose… mommy will miss them soooo much! I’m sure they will have their own type of puppy fun while hanging out with their older brother (my youngest son) Watch for all my adventures there over the weekend!


Picture of Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

Carrie Ann Kilpatrick

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